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I already have a social media scheduling tool, can you use mine?

Quick Answer Key: Our system is integrated with Buffer, but you can easily download your content and schedule it in your own tool!

We partnered with Buffer to offer you a hands-off, fully managed content creation and publishing service. Buffer is the only social media scheduling tool that allows us to connect to your client's social media profiles (all of them!) via a secure API (Application Programming Interface). This means we can completely manage the whole content creation and publishing process for you, saving you an incredible amount of time and effort, while never having direct access to your client's social media accounts.

You can continue using your tools on the side, but MixBloom requires a Buffer account to handle all content publishing for you. If you'd like to continue using your tool for publishing you can easily download all the content we create for you and post it with your tool, or manually to each social network.

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