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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a free trial?

Can I check everything you write before it goes live?

Which social media networks do you create content for?

How is the content published to my clients social media accounts?

How many posts will you create?

What kind of posts do you create?

Do you also create video posts and reels?

Do you also create carousels, GIFs?

Is this completely white label?

I already have a social media scheduling tool, can you use mine?

Where is your team based?

How do we communicate with the MixBloom team?

Can we share ideas, photos, or assets for content?

Do you provide community management or engagement services?

How easy is the onboarding process for adding clients into your platform?

What access will you require from us and/or our clients?

Can the client campaign be stopped at any time?

Is the billing done at the start of every month?

Can the content be optimized for the UK market?

Is the content tailored for specific business types/niches? i.e. eCommerce

What assets (logos, product images, fonts etc.) will you require from our clients?

Do you create social media content for marketing agencies themselves?

When you say you'll post up to 4 different networks, does this mean you'll change the actual post graphics/captions for each social network?

Are there any other costs with getting started?

Is your pricing is in Canadian Dollars or US Dollars?

Is there an extra charge to implement white label on my domain?

Is there a category listing and would I be able to review your current clients/content?

Would you be able to create content for technology topics?

Can we still create, schedule and post through the white label scheduler that you set up for us?