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Engagement Tips & Tricks

Tips and tricks for making the most of MixBloom’s social media content.

How to drive engagement on your social media:

Identify your target audience: Identifying your target audience is one of the most effective tools in increasing engagement.  This includes taking the time to research demographics and psychographics of the audience, analyzing the client's existing customers and competitors, and creating buyer personas.  This gives insight into the audience's needs, preferences values and personality traits

➡️ Micro Buyer Persona Template: click here

Incorporate user-generated content: Encourage your followers to create UGC such as photos, videos, or testimonials (this can be done through contests, customer stories, or asking for their input).  Promoting a branded hashtag can help foster a sense of community and make it easier to find and share UGC.  Incorporating up-to-date customer reviews and testimonials shows the quality of the client's products or services and demonstrates appreciation for their customers.  This can also be done by creating a custom QR code if your customer has physical products and encouraging clients to scan the codes (these can redirect to a feedback form and prompt them to share a review or photos if they like).

Interact with your followers: Interaction is at the heart of social media engagement.  Actively engaging with your audience through comments, questions, DMS, answering customer support inquiries, going live and hosting Q&A or AMA sessions will show appreciation for their participation.

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Use polls and surveys: Did you know that according to a recent study, 72% of consumers say they are more likely to engage with a brand if they have a positive experience with a poll or survey? ****Polls and surveys provide a low-effort way for users to interact with your content and express their opinions on various topics related to your industry or brand.

Track performance metrics: Regularly analyzing these metrics can help you identify trends, understand user behaviour, and adjust your content strategy accordingly. Learn more about the best performance metrics to track as an agency here.

Leverage social listening: Spend time tracking conversations and mentions related to the brand, industry, or competitors on social media. Social listening tools can be used to stay current on trends and challenges faced by the audience, allowing you to engage in these conversations and establish your brand as a thought leader, ultimately increasing engagement on your client's social channels.

After posting checklist to help drive engagement for your clients:
  • Repost to your story
  • Add an interactive feature to your story post (poll, question etc.)
  • Add a personal note or a highlight to your story post that will encourage followers to click on the post
  • Tag any relevant accounts on your story and in the post (not only in the caption but in the post itself)
  • Respond to all comments and mentions (ideally within the first hour)
  • Engage with other accounts on the platform
  • Distribute your content (to multiple channels, on your website, through blog posts etc.)
  • Check your insights around 48 hours after you post (reach, like, comments, overall engagement)
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