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Creating Your Buffer Account

Create your Buffer account and connect your social media profiles.

Now that you have a MixBloom account set up, it’s time to register for a Buffer account!

**As a reminder, Buffer is the third party scheduling tool we use to automatically publish your content.

STEP 2: Setting up your Buffer account:

To set up your Buffer account so that the MixBloom team can seamlessly post out your clients content:

  1. Go to and click “Get Started Now”
  1. Input your information and get started.
  1. Click on “manage channels” and connect any social media accounts you would like us to post to.
Trouble connecting your client’s social media accounts? Click here!
Step 3: Connecting Your Account to the MixBloom dashboard

To make sure your Buffer account is connected to the MixBloom dashboard:

  1. Go back to and log in.
  1. Click “connect Buffer” and continue to authorize MixBloom to post on your behalf.
  1. Select which channels we will be posting to and click finish.
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